October 26, 2011

Reds Wine Bar

Reds Wine Bar was our very first venture into the big, wonderful world of Toronto dining. And although it was a while ago...and we can't remember much of what we ate...and the menu has changed since our last visit...

           ....we still feel it deserves an honourable mention.

The food was exquisite, which is a big word for Titus...and not on account of the pricey bottles of wine that were consumed.

The restaurant and bar have a great vibe, offering not only an impressive menu, but an enviable wine list. The place was rammed, and if you're a woman hoping to knock boots with a Bay Street-type suit, then this is a good place to head to for that much-needed post-work drink.

But, it's not cheap, so make sure you find someone that's buying.

And yes, Terry found love...in the form a bottle of Hamelin Bay Rampant Red Shiraz / Cabernet / Merlot 2008 (Margaret River, Australia). At $60 a pop, she was an expensive date...a bit like Terry's mama.

Some figurines just can't hold their wine.
Terry was smitten with the Hamelin Bay red.
Titus wondered why there aren't more bottles of wine with elephants on them.
Fabulous starters. Just wish we could remember what
it was -- something and figs!
The lamb main  - so good, even though it looked like a mess.

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