November 6, 2011

The Ceili Cottage

Anytime you have to enter through an unmarked red door, you know there's bound to be magic on the other side.

Pass the red door and the heavy curtains, and you're transported -- from an unassuming shack in Leslieville, to a country tavern in the Emerald Isles. The Ceili (pronounced kay-lee) Cottage is chock full of personality, with its peeling walls, exposed brick, low-lying beams, wooden tables and Irish servers with their delightfully-thick accents.

The place is apparently famous for its oysters, and is owned by a Guinness World Record-holding oyster shucker.

Terry & Titus feel that calls for a tongue twister: "Shucks, sure Chuck the oyster shucker shucks oyster shells at the oyster shell shucker’s sea shell shop on the south side of C street next to the shoe shine shop near the sea shore."


No, we did not have any oysters. And his name is Paddy, not Chuck.

The 'Full Irish' was our perfect choice for a late Saturday brunch. It had all the staples - mushrooms, bacon rashers, eggs, beans, grilled tomatos, black pudding, and something that looked like a slice of naan bread, but we were informed was a potato farl. And that is what we call a 'Lunch and Learn' session.
We felt fully Irish with the Full Irish meal.
But, but but...if there is one thing you visit The Ceili Cottage for, let it be for the Sticky Toffee Pudding....quite possibly the world's most amazing dessert, oozing with sugary goodness.

World's best Sticky Toffee Pudding fo sho.
 Ooh we like. We like very, very much.

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