November 27, 2011

Thai Express - Pad Thai with Beef

Ok, so clearly, we like our Thai, which may have something to do with Titus being from Thailand.

This little wooden figurine is a lucky little elephant who gets to have home-style meals up here in the Great White North (how could you not love Hogtown's diversity, eh?).

Titus' pick du jour was a spicy Pad Thai with beef from Thai Express -- "thin rice noodles in a sweet and sour sauce with eggs, bean sprouts, green onion and salted radish", as described on the interwebs.

We think all restaurants should have wire-handle take-out boxes.
It's go-go-go as soon as your order's in. They don't kid about the 'express' part and, truth be told, we love watching them.

The ladies behind the counter swiftly pick out the ingredients for your meal, passing plates over to the three truly-madly-deeply-busy chefs. It's the lunch rush hour and the flow of orders is non-stop. Giant woks bounce against rising flames as ingredients are tossed, sautéed, stir-fried and packaged. There's lots of shouting, banging, sizzling sounds, but everyone behind that counter looks like they're having fun. As your number is called out (and you realize you've been staring at them with your mouth wide open), you try to overcome your excitement and graciously receive your green take-out box.

That whole process took just about three minutes.

Oh-so-good. If only it was a bottomless box.

The aromas that leapt out when we opened that take-out box is the kind of stuff we live for. The food is as tasty as you would expect something freshly-prepared to be. And although Terry thinks it could have used a little more beef, he gives it top points for everything else.

We've also heard great things about the Tom Yum soup and the Pad Sew, and at this rate, Titus may have to look into that loyalty program. Uh boy.

Thai Express on Urbanspoon


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