November 24, 2011

Thai Island Red Curry Beef

A recent lunchtime scout brought us to the Thai Island food counter at the Exchange Tower in downtown Toronto.

Now, we've been there plenty of times before -- the lunch options are great, it's affordable, and we love how fast the little Asian ladies serve up our food. They run that busy counter like a well-oiled factory line.

It's Thai, it's tasty, it's takeaway...and naturally, it's become one of our favourite lunch spots in the PATH (just don't mention the fancy packaging price increases, and we're good - it still remains a sore subject with Titus).

Anyway, we had to show some blog love to Thai Island's Red Curry Beef -- succulent strips of tender beef tossed in a zesty red curry sauce. In one word - deeelectable.

We enjoyed it so much, we went back the next day for seconds. $6.99+tax lets you pair it with a side of white rice for a filling lunchtime meal.

Or you could choose to be a non-conformist like Terry and mix it up with some fried rice...and subsequently be subjected to a spate of verbal mockery by your Asian friends who think fried rice and curry is utter blasphemy.

It's been known to happen.

Thai Island's Red Curry Beef and fried rice - so nommers!

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