November 10, 2011


We LOVE all that is O&B. So, naturally, we were super-eager to try out their latest arrival at Queen and Bay -- bannock.

Touted as 'Canadian Comfort Food', bannock is more than just...well, bannock.

If you're as puzzled as Titus was (and it doesn't take much with him), 'bannock' is a type of flatbread common in North American native cuisine, with its true roots linked to Scotland. It is a simple bread, generally leavened with baking powder rather than yeast and can be baked, fried in a pan or sometimes even deep-fried.

Consider yourself edjumacated.

bannock (the establishment) is part cafe, part restaurant -- designed as two (or three?) unique personalities -- a bit like us, really. The restaurant side has a massive window looking into The Bay store, which probably explains our overwhelming desire to buy a Canadian Olympic Team sweatshirt

Terry & Titus argue over ordering the Roast Duck Poutine Pizza or the Carne Pizza.
After much debating and discussions with our lovely server, Jean, we chose the Carne Pizza and the Fettuccine with Lamb Ragù special. Yes, we're hardcore carnivores...the elephant too.

Both meals were nothing short of deeee-licious. The pizza, with its trifecta of meat toppings layered on a bed of cheese and meat sauce, was tasty and (not surprisingly) quite filling. The pasta, with its simple delivery and presentation, provided a burst of unexpected flavour and was (as Terry would say if he were British) rather quite lovely.

The Carne Pizza - a meatlover's delight with smoked meat, pingue prosciutto and soppressata
Fettucine with Lamb Ragù was très nommers!
We couldn't leave without trying at least one dessert, and because we were far too full to debate the merits of donuts over ice cream, we opted with lovely Jean's recommendation of a 'warm s'mores pie', which, dear friends, was heaven on a plate.

Chocolate and marshmallows? Oh bannock, you had us at s'mores.

bannock's warm s'mores pie - BEFORE.
bannock's warm s'mores pie - AFTER.
Guess we weren't that full after all.
No dinner is complete without a glass of the good stuff. Terry opted for a fruity Shiraz from the Prospect Winery, Okanagan Valley, BC...because we support local. In fact, Terry supports it so much, he felt inclined to have more than one glass. He's such a giver, that pterodactyl.

Staring out at Old City Hall while enjoying a glass of Okanagan Valley's finest.
We really liked bannock and plan on returning...for that Roast Duck Poutine Pizza, if anything. Duck-fries-pizza on one plate? We couldn't ask for more.

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  1. This food looks amazing! Will be suggesting this place to friends. =)

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